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It’s been about… 9 months. Welcomed this adorable little guy on Thanksgiving, and though this is #3, I’m starting over with the baby stage and I feel like a first time mom again.

The only reason my return coincides with the new year is because I’ll be 6 weeks postpartum tomorrow, and officially cleared for exercise and healthy weight loss. My poor little guy is dealing with a food sensitivity, though, so I’ll also be eliminating dairy and eggs to start with.

Nom Nom Paleo: Whole30® Prep: Nom Nom Paleo Style!



Raise your hands if you’re feeling the need to be more mindful about the food you stick in your belly in the New Year.

Yep, you and me both.

But, if you’re like me, you need rules and guidelines, right?

Enter Dallas and Melissa Hartwig’s awesome Whole30® program.


You know…

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Truer words never spoken.

Truer words never spoken.

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time to spill the beans!

holy crap

welp, that was unexpected. 

Weigh in Friday: 16 March 2012

3/16/12 - Whole30 day 24

weight: 149.2 lbs (67.7 kg)
gain/loss: -0.4 lbs (0.2 kg)

goals for next week:

*start losing again!
*drink 100 oz water daily
*reach 147.4 lbs (a loss of 1.8 lbs) — this will be my 10% goal!
*FINISH the Whole30 STRONG! 

how i’m feeling:

my weight loss pretty much stalled out this week. am i disappointed? a little. but AF is due this weekend, which is the obvious reason—and at least i didn’t gain. now if only AF will show up so i can stop feeling so damned hormonal…


The sugar-free* option is NOT healthier than the original**.

*wherein sugar-free means sugar is replaced with artificial sweeteners. That shit will kill you!

**If the original contains HFCS, then you should choose NEITHER.



I can not waaait for the day that i’m able to do this


I can not waaait for the day that i’m able to do this

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Note to self:

There comes a point when you have to stop lying to yourself. That friendship, the one you were warned about. That person you decided to give the benefit of doubt to… well, she’s toxic. You were told she was clingy, needy, and that others had ended friendships with her. And now you need to do the same. No more bullsh*t. Because you know nothing is going to change, and you’ve known it all along. Time to cut the apron strings.

Grow a pair and deal with it.

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Why can’t I be you?


Why can’t I be you?

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I say sprinting is better for being lean and retaining muscle some runner gets a hold of my post and gets all agro.

Its not an attack, its just fact.

Yes there are a few long distance runners with more muscle than average for a runner, and yes there are sprinters with…

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Great reminder! Don’t talk the talk if you won’t walk the walk.



Great reminder! Don’t talk the talk if you won’t walk the walk.

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